Day 12, August 8th


Twa'le Abrahamson-Swan, Air Quality Co-ordinator

Twa’le Abrahamson-Swan, Air Quality Co-ordinator

Alondra during the presentation with Twa'le.

Alondra during the presentation with Twa’le.






Various projects that Twa'le is working on Like the Midnite Mine and Ford Mill site.

Various projects that Twa’le is working on Like the Midnite Mine and Ford Mill site.

The concerns start with;

  • contaminants
  • diminished quality of life
  • economic livelihood
  • health
  • Natural/cultural resources
  • sacred site preservation
  • sustainable development.

After Twa’le’s presentation Warren took some of us to the lookout tower and we could see the whole reservation.

After lunch we had a visit from George Hill-artist, he has some beautiful paintings.  He suggested that anyone that has some artistic ability the should attend the Institution of American Indian Art, Sante Fe New Mexico, it was a wonder experience for him.


George with one of his paintings

George with one of his paintings

DSCN0899 DSCN0900 DSCN0906

Some of his work.

Some of his work.

The rest of the day we updated our blogs.






Day 11, August 7th


Opening to the

Opening to the pit house


Inside the pit house

Inside the pit house

still in the pit.

still in the pit.

Cooking pits.

Cooking pits.

At the wildlife field shop where we viewed their bear trap

At the wildlife field shop where we viewed their bear trap


This is a ear trap they had built for them.

This is a ear trap they had built for them.

This was supposed to be used to help them tag elk, but the elk have never entered it, but most have been tagged outside the trap.

This was supposed to be used to help them tag elk, but the elk have never entered it, but most have been tagged outside the trap.

A deer Trap.

A deer Trap.

They had to put this elk down after they found it had been shot in the mouth.  The meat was put in the tribal food bank.

They had to put this elk down after they found it had been shot in the mouth. The meat was put in the tribal food bank.

Finishing up the day trip in the field, by checking out their farming fields.

Finishing up the day trip in the field, by checking out their farming fields.

We were back at camp about 5:00, dinner and a movie, Cia set up a DVD showing of Dakota 38+2.  We were in bed about





Day 9, August 5th

Up at 6:00am

Had breakfast and broke down camp so we could get on the road for Spokane Indian Reservation.  Pretty long ride but we got here at about 2:30 and met up with Warren Seyler, our guide while in Wellpinit.  We set up camp and had dinner and everyone was pretty tired from the travel we went to bed early.

Forest shot!

Forest shot!


Day 10

Day 10, August 6th Wellpinit High School for introductions to the Dept. of Natural Resources team and around 10:00 we went to the field for some electro-shocking of fish.  The high schoolers went first but there not many fish so we moved to another spot.  The little fish were being transported creek because the creek they were in would be drying up soon.  The next spot we found many little fish; red sided shiners. dace, some craw fish and went and transported them across to the other side of the reservation.


Natural Resource, Bill Matt

Natural Resource, Bill Matt

Gearing up for eloecgtroshocking

Gearing up for eloecgtroshocking


Some of the captured fish.

Some of the captured fish.

Loading the tote with fish.

Loading the tote with fish.


Uploading the catch at McCoy Creek

Uploading the catch at McCoy Creek



4:00 we returned to the camp and had dinner so the sturgeon crew could leave on time.  We had dinner and went to Two Rivers to shower but there was only an outdoor shower for those that got out of the river pool.



There sun was going down when we got to the swimming area on the Spokane River, but the high schoolers went swimming anyway.  We got back to camp about 10:30 about a half an hour before the sturgeon crew did and that is when I found out that they had two trips out on the boat and could maybe have went out on the second trip.  But I am glad some of the students got to experience the trip that my have never done anything like this before.

Good nite!


more days to come…

Day 4, July 31

6:30am wake-up call and breakfast, made our lunches and hit the road.

At 9:30 we met up with Tom Walker a fisheries biologist with National Forest Service who has worked for the service for 25 years.  We were in the Tomalo Watershed area and embarked on a day of service helping clear the area of lodgepole saplings that have a faster growing root system and would outgrown the native species of pine and aspen.  After a pulling up lodgepole Cia and I watched a movie and were in bed about 11:00.  Good nightJ

DSCN0703               DSCN0704

Tom Walker, National Forest Service                                     Some pretty flora, Indian paintbrush

DSCN0706                DSCN0717

Knapweed, we will be pulling                                                         Lunch break with Cherrie

DSCN0721              DSCN0722


Tomalo Creek,  Tome was showing us the maintenance they were doing with the flow of the creek, and of course some interesting basaltic rock.


Then we made our way to Tomalo Falls!  Hiked up the trail for photos

DSCN0743DSCN0727    DSCN0735





DSCN0736                            DSCN0730

Vince just had to jump into the picture. LOL


At the end of the day we went to check our Lava Lakes Resort.

DSCN0749 DSCN0750


Day 5, August 1st

6:00am early morning after thunderstorms last night, kinda awesome watching them in the forest.  Which later found out that there were over 17,000 lightning strikes during the night which sparked some new fires.  We went to Paul’ Trail Head and Collin McGuigan was our forest serviceman of the day.  We were informed of fire mitigation and how to identify the number of fuel hours you would have by the diameter of the tree stem, pine cone size.


The Huckleberry Camp (we named our van Huckleberry)

The Huckleberry Camp (we named our van Huckleberry)

The mitigation process takes a long time, because you need to find funding, a strategic plan in place, who will be involved, and consideration of the scenic beauty of the area to be mitigated.  Actually he commented on the change in urban living and the people who are moving into the area, he says big names (big money) can influence the political mind.  But it does take a long time for anything can make a move towards mitigation when you consider public interest groups, environmental groups, government organizations, NEPA a lot process has to occur before anything can be done/approvedAfter our morning session in forestry management the Deschutes National Forest Service had a BBQ for us at the Farewell Bend Park, hamburgers and hotdogs.

DSCN0757                      DSCN0755

Then we left for  the Slough and learn about sustainable Recreation and take a hike to Benalow Falls.

DSCN0760 DSCN0761 DSCN0762 DSCN0764 DSCN0768

Then we went for a swim at Lava Lake.

DSCN0771 DSCN0774


Day 6, August 2th


Today we got sleep in and we had breakfast at our leisure and went to Lava Lakes Resort for showers and laundry.  We had a relaxing afternoon of boating and just plain doing not much of anything.  We rented a boat and took turns taking boat rides and there was some fishing going on but none caught.  It was all day at the laundry with only 2 washers and 2 dryers for 26 people.

DSCN0789          DSCN0788

Hanging out our laundry

DSCN0779          DSCN0781

DSCN0783          DSCN0787

Showing our Heritage University pennant

I think we made it back to camp about 7:30pm in time dinner, some of students were playing catch but I enjoyed just sitting and watching.

Early night, we’re leaving early for Pendleton, Oregon.


Day 7, August 3rd

5:30am-Up early to get a breakfast and start breaking down camp.  We pulled out of camp by 8:30 and hit the road for Pendleton.

DSCN0777               DSCN0776

Sunrise at camp

3:00pm we arrived at Lavita Red Elk’s home and immediately started a class in a form of stained glass design.  We each designed our own glass plate and placed it the kiln for firing.  We broke out into groups; some in the glass studio and some setting up tents in Miss Red Elk’s backyard.  As early as we could we started dinner and we ate and were ready for bed.

DSCN0825             DSCN0822

Red Eld Studio                                                                                  Some of our glasswork


Day 8, August 4th

6:00 am. Up early today, getting ready for showers at the Arrowhead truck stop and breakfast at Micky D’s where we also got to use the wi-fi and update blogs.

11:45am We set out to the Tamasl’t Museum an exhibit of the wolves, very interesting learning about the various wolves across the United States.  There was an area in the back of the museum called “setting up lodge” and took a walk through the teepee village.  We stayed at the museum until about 2:00 and headed back to Levita’s home for lunch.

DSCN0793         DSCN0795

The museum                                                                                  Michael and I posing.  lol

DSCN0799          DSCN0804

The teepee village                                                                         Inside teepee door.

Natural Resources to meet with Wenix Red Elk, Education Outreach Specialist.  Wenix helps the various departments of the agency relate information to the general council and members of the tribe.  She informed us of their mission statement “To protect, restore and enhance the first foods-water, salmon, deer, cous, and huckleberry.  For perpetual culture, economic, and sovereign benefit of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.   We will accomplish this utilizing ecological and cultural knowledge and science to inform.”

DSCN0810          DSCN0807

She spoke of the traditional first foods and how we need to preserve these traditional and cultural way of life.

After our presentation at the agency we went to her house for a BBQ!

DSCN0817 DSCN0819 DSCN0821 DSCN0820

We had hamburgers, hotdogs, fry bread, corn and spuds on coals and watermelon.




DSCN0670 DSCN0685It has  only taken 4 days but here I am again!  We have been busy!  Two days of Wild Horses with the Warm Springs Department of Natural Resources ;(thanks Jason Smith) I will have some pictures for you later, but just wanted to check in with you.  Today we spent the day with The Deschutes  National Forest Service!  Another day with the forest service.  Hope to see you tomorrow and show you some pictures!  bye for now!



Day one!

Hi I’m Eva, a senior at Heritage University, an Environmental Studies major.  I will be graduating after the Fall semester and looking forward to this field class experience.  Keep up with my blog and see what we are doing for the following two weeks.

See you in the blog.